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    Adequate reuse of

    existing translations

    Translators and agencies are aware of this problem. The customer places an order, provides reference material and relies on a guaranteed standard terminology.


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    is minimizing time pressure

    Since translation work is usually done under time pressure, not much time is left for the creation of a translation memory. This is where Alignment Customizer comes in.


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    Alignment support

    in several stages

    We provide alignment support in three stages:

    rawmediumwell done

Alignment Customizer:


Flat Fee 7.50 €
  • Automated creation of a bitext by a software program
  • Your advantage: no size limit

  • The result is not controlled

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1000 words 8 €
  • A TMX file is generated that can be integrated into a  TM-System
  • Tools: align factory from Terminotix & MemoQ from Kilgray
  • The segments are checked and authorized by translaters
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well done

1000 words 12 €
  • Tested translation memory within Trados environment 
  • Translation Memory will be checked against the original files
  • Hit rates of up to 99% possible

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